It was several years ago that I first heard about the 100 Days Project. Instagram is the chosen media outlet to share participants’ progress of this “100 days of making” project and many of my artistic making acquaintances on Instagram were participating. But I definitely remember thinking, “Not I”. There was no way I could commit to something for that long. Until I did last summer.

It all started with Our Creative May. Actually it started in April with another project that led into my sponsored May project where myself and other people I knew from Instagram all joined for one month of arting and posting with the #ourcreativeselves hashtag too. And then I took the leap and joined the Icad project in June and July. The index card a day project asks that you art on an index card daily for 60 days straight. At the end, I’d done a 100 days and hadn’t even considered that it was that much.

The great surrender is the process;

showing up day after day is the goal.”

I'm Saying Yes to the 100 Day Project 2018 on

So yes, I am here to announce that I will be willingly participating in the #100DayProject because it is time to rejoin myself in the craft room for some daily collaging . The project launches Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 and will be winding up on July 11th. What I can tell you truthfully is that self-trust is a self-created and extremely necessary commodity. (It would seem I have learned this lesson over and over. There was even an Our Creative September project prior to the May project.) 

If you are curious about how this free global art project got started, go to Artist Ella Luna of the blog The Great Discontent and Lindsay Jean Thomson are the two fabulous women who lead this endeavor. Community and women and self-trust are their priorities as well.

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