Gaining Creative Confidence ; Our Creative May on

This past month of May, I again hosted a creative challenge called Our Creative May with the participation of some of my creative cohorts and Our Creative Selves contributors on Instagram. I’d done the same back in September of 2016 with great results and while I felt I struggled a little this time with my expectations around creating marvelous pieces and making creative strides, I knew this was not all there was to this month of creating. And I’ve sat quietly since gaining an understanding of really what it was that I need to acknowledge.

First and foremost I want to herald the efforts and the people who participated in the challenge with me. People who want to support me and themselves in doing this creative thing and finding out who we are and translating what we see and feel daily. It’s really creative truth searching. And it’s also courageous. A few of my participants had never given daily artistic devotion a try and they were so proud of themselves afterwards. I know all about that weird doubtful feeling as I’ve been there once (or twice).

Gaining Creative Confidence ; Our Creative May on

And what I have also been ruminating on is this power of creativity and connection that these challenges provide. It’s basic and it’s so very good for our esteems and spirits. These connections with fellow creatives are giving me hope and courage in myself and my world like I never had before. We’re all wearing the same dream hats on our heads and we see ourselves in each other. And that is what being a part of humanity and community means to me.

If creating and connecting gives me hope and courage than it is the very thing that I need to continue to do. It is not about the results. No I didn’t really come up with anything mind-blowing in May. But as I rolled into June and continued to create daily with other people’s challenges, it became clear that it’s all fluid as a way to just stay connected with myself and my fellow creative people. And I’m standing here taking great relief and encouragement from that concept. And thinking hard about the fact that if I need this, other people need it too. Enjoy a smattering of the 322 posts that were offered up for Our Creative May. Amazing all!

I feel kinda gushy seeing these images. Proud and grateful. Click on one and you can scroll through the thumbnails at your leisure. If you’d like to see the first post from the beginning of the month on Our Creative May, go here. The second post is here.

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