I have a staunch belief that when you show up as your Authentic Self, the Universe takes care of the rest. You need to intentionally head for your best care and the people, places, and things that make you the happiest.


But it seems that we can easily fall under the spell of disbelief in our worth. The Unworthiness Core Wounds that we carry around from our childhoods cause us to work harder at being enough to love. And now everyone’s suffering from some sort of disease from their over-driven adrenal glands. Fighting and fleeing, we have traveled so far away from authentic selves, we may not recognize them if we bumped into them on the street.Finding Your Way Back to Your Authentic Self on Shalavee.com

Fear of being found out for our unworthiness, makes us very busy proving we are.

But what if we spent a little time planning the chill out we need to relax back into our selves. What if we intentionally planned activities and actions that would allow us to slow down and Be?


I am a big fan of whatever works. I say try it all. Why wouldn’t you? You deserve to relax into your life a little or a lot. None of us is so unworthy that we don’t deserve a break from the Doing. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to gain back my worth. And these are a few of the things that I gave myself permission to try to calm down and start enjoying my be-ing.

Anxiety and depression are opposite sides to the same coin. Where there is one, there is the other. And these thought processes are well worn into our brains like Indian pathways through the woods. Well-traveled and deeply carved into the landscape.Finding Your Way Back to Your Authentic Self on Shalavee.com

I spent a lifetime going to talking doctors. These beloved people helped me immensely. But my amygdala stubbornly would not allow me to practice much of what I learned. I was over 50 before I finally tried anti-anxiety/depression medicine and I was so perturbed to realize that it helped immensely, and I could have been relieved of my stress so much sooner. Although I have had to find one that didn’t make me gain weight or cause my feet to itch, it has been so very worth the “risk”. Fear acts so macho acting as if it’s doing you a favor keeping you “safe” while robbing you of happiness.


Self-care 101 is you telling your fear it doesn’t control you and you can take time off. So if your authentic self likes to ice skate or do Tai-chi, put that on your calendar. Exercise, therapy, EMDR, meditation, or binge watching Brigerton. Do all of them as if your life depended on it. Because a quality life does depend on living more happily and noticing what a blessing life itself is. Try them all out and then allow them to change you into a person who can no longer stand the life of perpetual grief. A person who is happy and grateful. An authentically joyful version of you.


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