The Shore’s Farmlands

There’s a lot of farmland here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore (we are a state divided by a Bay ergo Eastern and Western). The climate allows for abundant and beautiful produce for its growing seasons.The Giant Sprinkler Beast Eastern Shore farmland on

The Shore’s money was made in a canning industry boom in the early part of the 20th century.  I enjoy watching the farmers in action during the harvesting seasons and the way the fields and farmlands change character with the different crops.ThA barn on Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on And being able to see over these distances makes you feel expansive inside. As if you can sprawl out into the space and you belong to it and it to you. I grew up in a city and I was used to the claustrophobic anxious jumbled up sprawl that is a city. Plenty to keep your brain busy and your senses piqued.

A boat and soybean field on  Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on

 Eastern Shore farmland on

But once I moved here, although I don’t much like the flatness of it all, I began to appreciate the quiet peacefulness. A sense of returning to the old and honest days, the ways of yore. Grain silo on Eastern Shore farmland on

Horses on Eastern Shore farmland on

A great place to raise children to be sure. As long as you keep them occupied and involved in their life’s interests, away from the TV, and don’t allow them on ATVs. Dangerous those. This is a place where’s there’s one traffic light between me and civilization. Traffic light on Eastern Shore on

And sometimes I traverse that road once in a week if at all. It’s the Denton/Easton road to the locals. And all but three of these pictures were taken on my journey to drop off my daughter at her Grammy’s house. Story of my day and my life, thanks for reading.

Architecture Shots


I have a fascination for architecture. When I used to ride the public transportation to my downtown job and back, I loved laying my head against the window and staring up at all the gargoyles on the old Baltimore buildings. So much texture and history and diversity in the buildings we see. Here’s a smidge of the pictures I’ve taken of buildings I’ve seen in Easton and Denton, Maryland.
skylight in Easton Maryland architecture on

The skylight in the soda fountain restaurant at Hill’s drugstore in Easton, Maryland.

Old barnwood buildings on Architecture on

A farm outbuilding in Denton, Maryland.

A hunter's garage architectural shots on

A garage in Denton, Maryland.

Talbor bank of Easton, Md on architectural shots on

The Talbot Bank in Easton, Maryland.

Abandoned on architectural shots on

An abandoned house in Denton, Maryland.

Under renovation on architectural shots on

A house being renovated in Denton, Maryland.

 Easton, Md on architectural shots on

A Shop building in Easton, Maryland.

Denton schoolhouse is now the Culinary school on Architectural shts on

When I attended the Chesapeake Culinary Center in Denton, Maryland’s ribbon cutting

and  my new logo design was on the cookies! Have a lovely weekend


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Lamb Kabobs and a Green Salad

Easter brought family into town and I was compelled to cook. A holiday’s an excuse to make leftovers as well as try something new. Continuing cold weather had me in the mood for lamb stew with Guinness beer. A beef version from my Irish friend Jane here. But then, when the weather became beautiful, I began to think grilling instead. And this inspired my final menu. First, lamb kabobs marinated with orange flavors and orange slices.

Lamb Kabobs with orange marinade recipe from

The lamb I bought from a lamb man at the Easton farmer’s market. He had run out of boned meat and sold me ribs assuring me I could de-bone them myself. Well yes and no. I did a fair job of getting the meat off but there are still tough enough parts that should just have been left on the bone. They got mixed in. Oh well, next time local be damned, I’m going to a butcher to get my meat the way I need it.

I chose to go with the following green salad which ended up being divine. A mixture of crunchy, creamy, and sour elements with sweet clementine slices to add a balance and tie in with the lamb. The dressing is a classic “french” dressing aka vinaigrette and I didn’t have parsley the second and third time I made it.

green salad recipe from

Piazza in Easton, Maryland on

Prociutto and cheese “candy” from Piazza in Easton, Maryland

I served fabulous Italian meats and cheeses from Piazza in Easton, Maryland.

With bread from the Easton Farmer’s market.

french baguettes from the Easton Farmer's Market on

Eamon ate the bread at

Well, I did have a baguette but then Eamon devoured it while we were waiting for the meats and cheeses to be lovingly cut and packaged. So we got bread from Piazza too.

pussy willow at he farmer's market in Easton, Maryland

And flowers from the farmer’s market in Easton, Maryland.

I made a giant vat of fruit salad which had two kinds of apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple. Somehow my family is much more willing to eat fruit in fruit salad form. There was so much leftover, the strawberries were squishy before we finished it off. I add a lime and honey to flavor it.

Additionally, I grilled shrimp in a skewer and served it with a yummy remoulade sauce from the Gourmet cookbook from editor Ruth Reichl. 

I had served this on a New Years Eve years back when we’d grilled a leg of lamb and shrimp on the barbie in the winter on the front porch while it was snowing. There’s a roof there unlike the back porch. We really enjoyed that meal.

remoulade recipe from the Gourmet cookbook via

A tad too salty if you stick your finger in it but absolutely divine when used with the grilled shrimp.

The leftover lamb bones went right into the oven to roast with some tomato paste smeared on them and vegetables to roast beside them. I made a stock from this as I’d remembered doing with veal bones once.

Roasting the lamb bones for stock on

Don’t know how it turned out but waste not, want not.

You can see the rest of our crazy birthday Easter Earth Day weekend here

Rock On Talbot Humane’s Preview Party at the Avalon Theater

Thursday night was my Nouveau inspired rocking chair‘s coming out party for the Talbot County Maryland’s Humane Society Fundraiser, Rock On Talbot Humane. Held at the Avalon Theater, the thirty painted rocking chairs were on display on stage as the artists and business owners who will be hosting the chairs, looked and mingle and nibbled.

Rock on Talbot Humane on

Rock on Talbot Humane on

Rock on Talbot Humane on

Rock on Talbot Humane on

Rock on Talbot Humane on

Rock on Talbot Humane on

It was nice to see the chair I’d worked so hard on. And it was really wonderful to see all the other very different and equally labored over chairs as well. The rocking chairs were as diverse as the people working on them. Definitely a Chesapeake Bay area event as you can see by the images of waterfowl, retrievers, Old Bay, fish, and sailboats.

Rock on Talbot Humane on

Rock on Talbot Humane on

Happily, for a few brief moments, I also got to hang with some dear people who were significant in my life. Chef Dave who catered my wedding and whose wife painted the mer-cat and mer-dog chair above, and the floral designer who designed my wedding florals and I ended up working for and friends with, the beyond talented Pama of Moonvine. My chair will now reside in front of her shop on Harrison Street for a month until the auction on Sunday, May 4th at the Milestone event facility out near the airport.

My chair for Rock on Talbot Humane on

You can check out the chairs and bid ahead of time at the Rock On Talbot Humane’s Page Here. Drive or walk by Moonvine in downtown Easton, Maryland, and say hi to Pama and check out my painted rocking chair. A little bird told me that my chair, entitled ‘Oh Promise Me’ after the sheet music I chose to rip up and decoupage onto it, will be a contender because of that musical connection. Yay and I hope they make their goal of 25 thousand for the animals at the Humane Society at the auction in May.

And Then It’s Done

As a child, I can remember feeling such an incredible feeling of grief and let down when the last present was opened.

All that savored anticipation had come to an end. Fin. Final. No finale.

In my adulthood, I feel differently. I am glad to be off. Off work. Off the stage. On switched to off. There’s that feeling of relief that I did it again. There’s something comical about the fanfare now.

I spotted a few amusing sites on our way back from getting Eamon his new glasses today in Easton.


Baby Jesus and his crew have left the house.


I’d say Donner and Blitzen had a misunderstanding.


This is the happiest holiday house on the Denton/Easton Road.

My lovely readers, I can not tell you how happy I am to have you as my audience and my muses. Your care and interest makes this all possible.

Keep celebrating the off-ness of it all. See you on Monday with Post-Christmas posts of Christmas decoration pictures.

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