So little.

I was aware that the plein air festival was going down in Easton as it does every July. I’d seen some of the artists out painting as I visited Moonvine. When I got wind that Sunday was a kids classes day, I took the opportunity to create a field trip with my little artists,Eamon and his friend Brianna, who have been friends since Kindergarten.

On the playground in Kindergarten

He’s mentioned he wanted to do more arting and Miss Briana had a piece in the art show at the library recently. So they were up for the challenge. And they did a wonderful job of rolling with the day.


We showed up early, signed up for Abby Laible’s ‘See it….Simplify it….Paint it!’ class. It was plein air festival after all. And they had a chance to chat with the teachers aide ahead of time.


They chose to paint Mason’s restaurant. And did so sitting in the street, “en plein air”. I don’t think either of them had ever had experience painting with acrylics.

Fiona and I sat back and watched their process.


I discovered I had no diapers in the diaper bag. And we ran into our old friend Selene who asked to hold the baby.


We rolled back by Moonvine to say hi.


And as we strolled the streets, Easton seemed to be looking her best for the event.

M. Randall’s new digs.
The day began to get hotter.

So we headed northwards to Denton for lunch and a romp in the air conditioned McDonald’s. 

And Eamon woke up the next morning so excited about arting, we thought we’d do more of it. This time our medium was watercolors.

I present the masterpieces.


A Slice of Watermelon and A Study in Ninja Fish with Pencils in Perspective.

Community and Art are what make the soul feel extra swell.

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  1. What a wonderful day! I love the masterpieces and how you’ve sparked in your son a whole new level of art-ing. Sounds like great fun. Makes me look forward to those days when Toddler Flails-a-lot is of age.

    1. Sometimes you’ve got to talk things up and then drive through whatever wreckage happens. You know our children have to have talent. I was supposed to have backup but he was taking the wee kitty to the vet for an unexplained fever. Everything turned out OK but the running out of diapers and having to pee really threw me. Adapt and overcome, the mother’s motto.
      Thanks and love from the other coast,

    1. Thanks Jen! I asked Selene what she thought I should do. She said I could go to the Safeway to buy some. I said I was thinking about asking anyone rolling by if I could borrow a diaper from them. I don’t think she thought that was a good idea. Miss you but I’m happy you’re happy. I know a lighting guy for your wedding.

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