As a child, I can remember feeling such an incredible feeling of grief and let down when the last present was opened.

All that savored anticipation had come to an end. Fin. Final. No finale.

In my adulthood, I feel differently. I am glad to be off. Off work. Off the stage. On switched to off. There’s that feeling of relief that I did it again. There’s something comical about the fanfare now.

I spotted a few amusing sites on our way back from getting Eamon his new glasses today in Easton.



Baby Jesus and his crew have left the house.


I’d say Donner and Blitzen had a misunderstanding.


This is the happiest holiday house on the Denton/Easton Road.

My lovely readers, I can not tell you how happy I am to have you as my audience and my muses. Your care and interest makes this all possible.

Keep celebrating the off-ness of it all. See you on Monday with Post-Christmas posts of Christmas decoration pictures.

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    1. Oh Amanda, I already rifted the family so I didn’t need to worry about that this year. Hope your Christmas was lovely for the littles.

    1. If you missed it, I’ll send you the link to another article with a ton of house faces. Love. And now I can not unsee it every
      time we pass by. Happy Christmas Ms. Y.

  1. I always think that Christmas can never live up to the hype and expectation for children, and so I always try and downplay it a bit leading up to it. My kids get excited enough, even now at 15 and 12, and so I’m quite casual about it before hand, I tell them we’ll have a nice relaxing time together, and how nice it’ll be that we’re all off work and school and can just spend time together. Rather than playing on the whole excitement and anticipation of the presents etc! I deliberately keep our commitments to a minimum over the time, so that we can really unwind and relax at home rather than having to dash off all over the place. Of course on the flip side I spoil them by spending far too much on them, but ah well, I can’t get it right in EVERY way 😉 Hope you had a lovely Christmas Shalagh!

    1. I like your attempt to control the expectations for the holiday hype. 8 year-olds are spastic. Every day he kept saying, 7 more days until Christmas. Or 3 and a half more days… My walking talking advent calender. And I agree, we don’t dash around either. Now I’m staring into the week long gauntlet of the winter holiday hoping we’ll all survive the off-ness of it all. Thank you Vanessa-Jane for stopping by. And I wish you mounds of gratitude from those children.

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