I’ve seen the light …as art. Currently there’s an exhibit at the Academy Art Museum in Easton, Maryland that is about light as art.  Being a lighting director, My husband requested a visit to the James Turrell Perspectives exhibit for Father’s Day. Information on this is here (the exhibit has since closed). It was pretty cool. Tricks of the eye included a surprising room with a wall that wasn’t and a room full of holograms. There was also models of a rooms within an inactive volcano Turrell bought. He’s digging rooms out and creating sky viewing sculptural rooms. Kinda ridiculously cool. I sat in the corner of the hologram room and took pictures of my “boys”.  I really liked this series of pictures.


You can find the official James Turrel page here.

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  1. Glad you got to go – it is an amazing exhibit and only there until July 7. Be sure to catch the last curator-led tour on July 3 at noon. Not to be missed!

    • Thanks Amy. Notice how I didn’t actually spoil it. Rima was our greeter and she was awesome!And I’ll tell you the rest of my story when I see ya’.

    • He lit the opening gala and the outside of the museum for the event too!And the ladies loved it so much, they gifted a membership to us. Love that. Thanks Kathy. See ya’ this Friday.

  2. That looks really cool, Shalagh! Thanks for sharing. I bet your husband enjoyed that since he’s a lighting director. That’s pretty cool, too.

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