I needed to go visit my dear friend Pama last week and let her hold my Fiona. I was never more impressed than when she held Eamon as a baby and lolled him and rocked him like the pro that she is. She is an Easton shop owner. And the newest Moonvine that I walked into last week was full of stuff and as beautiful as ever.


She was in the middle of the Plein Air competition week. And had an artist actually painting in the store for the last three days.

Many of you may not know but I used to be a shop owner. A story I will soon tell here.


Before I had my shop, I worked at an adorable little shop called Moonvine in Easton. Gifts and art and flowers and fairies. Lovely.


Oh so many years ago, 2000 AD, Moonvine was on Goldsborough Street, between the coffee shop and the ice cream place. My sister insisted that we wander in and we met the incredibly talented Pama. I asked her to do my wedding flowers and I later ended up being her employee before I left to do my own shop thing.


Pama moved her beloved Moonvine to Bethany Beach for a short while, took a hiatus, and now is back and reopened on Harrison Street where the consignment store Frugalicious used to be. There’s a bit of musical chairs going on with some businesses down in E-town. Anyways.


Pama’s style is eclectic and romantic and funky. She celebrates the artists of hand painted mermaids, of decoupaged furniture, and beautiful wire and bauble jewelry. There’s antique china, glassware, and floral arrangements in darling little containers. Add some smelly good stuff and cards and it’s Moonvine as always.


There is an item here for everyone. You may think it’s over the top because it is and so full of surprises (tarantula in a paper weight?)

But you just might disc0ver  an original card, a plate exactly like your Grandmother used for special occasions, or a piece of jewelry perfect for you wacky aunt.


I rediscovered my friend Pama and her joy and talent for pretty making and holding babies. And for that, I am grateful.

 As of March 2013, Moonvine is now located at 22 North Harrison Street in downtown Easton, Maryland in the USA.

Pama’s hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 -5pm. Telephone (410) 770-4451

Facebook page is here.

And an article from Attraction Magazine


  1. Shalagh, what a lovely store and I love the name Moonvine. I knew you were a shop owner and want to hear your story. I’m into all the fairies and mermaids, so I know I would find many things I would want to take home with me. Thanks for sharing. Love, Amy

    • Your head may explode Amy with all the wonderful stuff you’d swear you’d be buying for someone else, but you’d just end up keeping for yourself. And thanks for the encouragement to tell m story. The shop was my first born. And her death was tragic. So it’s taken me a while to even consider talking about it.
      Thanks So Much,

  2. You had me at leg tables. So many tales we have to wait to tell. Can’t wait to hear your adventures as a shop owner…

    • That’s an interesting comment. The tales we have to wait to tell. Immediately I thought of some more. But why are these tales waiting? They hurt or they’re embarrassing or you’ll die if you tell them, that’s why. Hmmm.
      Love Ya’,

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