I know the joy of opening and the sorrow of closing my own small business. She was named Bally Eden and I loved her like a child.

People coming in and looking around meant the world to me.

And when they bought something?

I was thrilled. So when I say “Shop local”, it comes from my heart.

Last year, we took a break from the usual, Thanksgivinged in Ocean City, Maryland and traveled to Rehoboth, Delaware

for some intentional shopping on Small Business Saturday at Bella Luna’s.

This shop is a schmorgusborg of wonderful and whimsical gifts and decorative items. I found many lovely items for my girls and for me.

I may have to take a road trip in December to revisit Rehoboth and see what trouble I can get into. I like Bella Luna’s kind of trouble.

The feeling of decorating inspiration and decided shopping accomplishment is so satisfying.

Remember that before I had my shop, I worked for Pama at Moonvine? I visit her regularly and her inventory is amazing.

From jewelry to smelly stuff to picture perfect little props and flowers, she’s worth the visit if you’re in Easton, Maryland.

She’s my incredibly talented mentor.

Didn’t know diddle about florals until I met her.

And then, here in little old Denton, Maryland, there’s Joviality. Abby and Mary have been hard at work filling their space with affordable

Christmas gifts and décor. I visited recently and picked up a fabulous item for myself, as well as stuff for other people of course.

Each and every one of these establishments has hard-working women behind the counters considering carefully how the displays look, if their items are affordable, and if they have enough of anything to make it look full. Pleasing everyone is hard work. Make an equal effort to shop from your local shop owners this Christmas. I hope you find something better there than where you may have otherwise gone.

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  1. Thank you Shalagh,you are amazing!It is monday morning and I am catching up on reading your posts.Your post on small business saturday was fantastic,and we were sooo busy the entire weekend with new customers as well as dedicated regulars that seemed proud to be making the effort to shop downtown.I sincerely hope everyone else had a great weekend. I had a customer last week that told me she really missed the cutest store ever that was in denton,yes…it was Bally Eden.She said to tell you hello! Mary,used to bring her kids in and visit ,you were always so nice,you made quite an impression my friend.Hope to see you before christmas,Pama

    1. I am so very happy you were busy Pama. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. And how ironic about the lady in your shop talking about my shop. Full circle. Will be seeing you soon. Count on it.

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