In an effort to fulfil our first world dream to achieve and gain, we forget and dismiss ourselves, our lovely lives and potential. In Wordsworth’s poem The World is Too Much With Us, he wrote, ”Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away,…” Our wealth is based on our external and not internal worlds. And this is tragic. 

The recipe to our happiness is not in our chore list or at the Big Box Store waiting for us to buy. The ingredients to create our future joy are in our present. They are with the people we love, the ways that we feel the happiest, and the hopes we carry. The roots are within us wherever we are.

All I ask

is to live each moment

free from the last.”

-Crowded House-

All we have and will ever truly have is in this moment. The past can burden us with loss and regrets. And the future is a ruse, a playing of the odds. We make plans based on the assumption that we’ll get there. Yet the birdsong I hear is more tangible than either the past or the future.

In our capitalistic society we are always playing the striving game, chasing the illusion of enough, completely oblivious to the most wonderful intangible gifts that living can give us. Love, sunrises, and birdsong.

It’s not getting what you want,

It’s wanting what you’ve got.”

-Sheryl Crow-

And yes, if only we wanted all the crap packed and stacked in the boxes in our garages, attics, and basements. Our storage units are full of the obesity problem caused by our not enoughs and none of it can bring us the love and nature that we crave. That can only be found in the life we are presently living. Our lives may need a tune up and focus on what we really want in them.

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