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  • Allowing For More Embers of Pride

    Allowing For More Embers of Pride

    On December 22nd of this year, 2022, I had an essay published online. Titled The Major Aha Moment When I Stopped Fixating on Fixing Myself, you can read it HERE. I had submitted this to the Tiny Buddha blog back in September before the melee of Mom’s move and the Holiday gauntlet. Lori shot back […]

  • My Autumnal Welcome Back

    My Autumnal Welcome Back

    I’ve been on hiatus from writing for a couple weeks. I was very busy celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary in my backyard and then there was the cleanup and the wind down. I have been thinking s lot in the quiet space that was created. Enjoying the space not to have to do but to […]

  • Wanting What You Have

    Wanting What You Have

    In an effort to fulfil our first world dream to achieve and gain, we forget and dismiss ourselves, our lovely lives and potential. In Wordsworth’s poem The World is Too Much With Us, he wrote, ”Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in nature that is ours; We have given our […]

  • Fighting the Scheduling

    Fighting the Scheduling

    I have been having an ongoing conversation with my almost 16 year old about creating a relationship with his future. He cringes because he is very happy with living in his now, thank you very much. Why would I want to take him away from all the fun he’s having now by scheduling all the […]

  • Clueless to Our Futures, Responsible For Our Nows

    Clueless to Our Futures, Responsible For Our Nows

    My near 15 year old is in the other room playing Scenes From an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel, a song popular when I was 15 years old. And when I was a 15 year old, I really didn’t regard myself with much self-esteem and never could have foreseen being a mother to a gifted […]

  • 51% Belief Will Make it Happen

    51% Belief Will Make it Happen

    You will not do what you do not believe you can do. You can hope and wish for change but the spark for creating the change lies in your heart. What you believe is possible. What you believe isn’t won’t happen. You need a 51% belief factor to realize your dream. A knowledge of the […]

  • A Letter To My Pluperfect Self

    A Letter To My Pluperfect Self

    As you may know, my intention is to use my blogging to inspire and continue my growth process. I choose to subscribe to other bloggers so that I may glean from their generosity of shared knowledge and feel inspired to write or think or do other stuff. Tiffany Han is a go getting woman/mama/life coach […]

  • Goodbye Dear Friend

    It is probably one of the hardest things I’ll ask myself to do other than birth that baby. To throw out my dear friend word processor. And here’s the rest of the story. I wanted to write. Always. And at some point, my Mom and Grandmother and maybe my Sister all chipped in to buy […]