I was really forcing a smile when I wrote my first Spring post.

Sometimes you put a smile on and hope to grow into it. I felt no love for the weather at the time.

My faith was drained. But the earth, in the process of doing her ‘thing’, eventually she gets to you.

April is turning into a nice time to be alive.

Chery blossom branches from April on Shalavee.com
More #wysteria from April in Prettier on Shalavee.com
fasciated willow from April is Prettier Shalavee.com
"I magic portalled it" Eamon said to his sister on Shalavee.com
Tulip from the Close of April on Shalavee.com
The Spring weeds make me happy from Shalavee.com
Fiona Marie Peach, almost 14 months from Shalavee.com

April showers have brought May flowers. Hey I’m so very grateful it’s not snow.

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    1. You can look at it like this. Don’t have to break out the noisy thing on wheels that everyone seems to be pushing around recently.

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