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  • My Worth as a Woman and Mother

    My Worth as a Woman and Mother

    ” Wow ”, I said, “How do you find all that time to read”, I ask. She says, “Well, I don’t have children to take care of. When I did, I didn’t have time to read either.” Validation there for the taking. Women are the best supporters and the worst critics. My Mom was a woman […]

  • Releasing Myself From Scrutiny

    Releasing Myself From Scrutiny

    I recently released myself from the thrall of a diet. I had been in the Noom program since February. I’d logged almost 800 meals. And I’d not lost any weight. I no longer wanted to feel like a failure. I wanted to stop feeling like I was some sort of bug under a microscope with […]

  • My Body Myself

    My Body Myself

    I had a not so nice moment with my body in a dressing room recently. I said in this Instagram post, “I went shopping today. Put my body in front of mirrors. It was quite soul crushing. I’m reeling with the hangover of my 52-year-old body.” This mental place of self-hatred is a familiar abode […]

  • Woman’s Inhumanity to Herself : Self-Bullying

    Woman’s Inhumanity to Herself : Self-Bullying

    I admittedly had a tough first month of Summer. And if you read the intro to yesterday’s post, you’ll understand that this is a recent self-doubt storm unfolding. When I took a harder look at what caused this, I’d say it was the result of a pretty bad should storm. My own inhumanity to myself […]