I recently released myself from the thrall of a diet. I had been in the Noom program since February. I’d logged almost 800 meals. And I’d not lost any weight.

I no longer wanted to feel like a failure. I wanted to stop feeling like I was some sort of bug under a microscope with my wings pinned down. So I discontinued my subscription. And I already feel lighter.

My strategy right now is kindness. To be gentle about everything. I’ve noticed that not writing down everything I eat is a relief for the effort but I’m still aware of what I’m eating.

I’m choosing clothing that fits me and that I don’t feel ashamed in. Fall has come and how happy am I to be wearing all these long pants I bought for myself that fit.

I love to exercise and am beginning again to take walks in the beautiful Fall weather. The smells and sounds, much less the gorgeous light, is like lubrication for my brain. Makes me want to write.

So here I am again, just me and my body as it is. Imperfectly perfect because now is the only place I can be.


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