Moving into the month of February, I want to touch base with myself and my readership and describe where I am and where I am hopefully headed. Self-care has been a focus for me of recent because so much of the holidays feels like it’s not about me but about us as a family and my love for them.

But come January, I needed to pull in and bring all my energies back to myself.

Sometimes self-care can feel so freeing and sometimes it can feel like a forced march. When no one’s in the house, I’m loving my time with me. When people are home, I find I have a terribly hard time creating boundaries around my work as there’s always something I need to get up to help someone to find. And it’s right in front of them of course.

Last week and this, I took care of my personal care with a pedicure and a hair roots recoloring. And I had a meeting about my website. This week I had a chiropractic appointment and bought myself some flowers and made food.

My intentions for the year are to carry on with my momentum for forward movement in my creative endeavors as well. So, I thought I’d touch on my Resolutions, Revelations, Devotions, and Negotiations with myself.

My resolutions have to do with more regular creativity. The 100 days project is coming up, yes. But I also need to spend more concerted efforts on my writing work. Blogging is actually the least I can do.

My revelations are about my worthiness for my efforts. About the love that others feel for me that I don’t necessarily give myself.Resolutions, Revelations, Devotions, and Discoveries in the New Year

My devotions are to those who would benefit from the work that I would do. Those who need to hear about my journey so that they can feel they have permission to start on their own. But also, there’s a dawning of an understanding that my inner child needs my devotion to her so that she can create and grow.

And my discoveries are never ending. I am inspired daily by others doing all of these things I have mentioned. I discover ideas and inspiration in books and Instagram and Substack and I make notes about them, repost them, and consider their impact on how I think and do my life.Resolutions, Revelations, Devotions, and Discoveries in the New Year

Process and permission are two key elements that I am always aware of. And I am tweaking my creative processes and habits so that I can show up more regularly and build the self-trust that leaks out when I don’t create regularly. Showing up to my craftroom, the place that represents my creative self, is half the battle. Leaving breadcrumbs to continue is the other.

And giving myself permission to hope that I can be the person I am meant to be when the work I need to do gets done.

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