It takes witchcraft to conjure items from nowhere and that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re attempting to manifest a feeling you’ve truly never felt before like happiness and self-confidence.

Being OK with me was hidden in secret magical fairy tale dimension that I’d only read about in make-believe or self-help books. The concept of self-esteem was so foreign, it seemed something someone made up to be cruel to people like me. But even through my skepticism, I’ve continued to work hard on finding this elusive but apparently very necessary item.

Re-establishing Trust With You is the Most Important Thing You'll Ever Do on

Lurches and leaps and lapses in faith littered my way from there to here. Yet I keep adding drops into my bucket to fill my self-esteem bucket up. I trusted myself when I made decisions to risk and won. I saw myself in a different more valuable way when a community rose up around me to support me. I dedicated myself to my therapy homework and to writing what I felt and putting it in front of you dear reader.

And recently, I’ve grabbed another book to continue to build a connection with myself that is stronger and more honest and trustworthy. I am writing five acknowledgements every day of things that I have done. And as simple as that may seem, something is shifting. I am feeling my word is good to myself. I am keeping myself from rushing off to the future and am focusing on the present.

The process will be different for everyone. Many people get to start of with less of a deficit. They may have half as much work to do to find a way of seeing themselves within the world that’s purposeful and important and uniquely necessary. But that is always the truth whether you’ve found it out or not yet. And there are most likely lots of loving people in your life who have waited and hoped for you to make that discovery. So give yourself an opportunity to find your voice again and make yourself at home in the safety of being you.

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  1. Love reading your stuff! I have a folder on my computer where I save them so if I am busy and can’t get to read it right away, I can enjoy them later. You are encouraging, inspiring, creative and I love your photos.

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