I am so certain I’m incapable of doing stuff because…well, I am. I don’t have the time or the money for the materials. Or I don’t know how I would even start. Etc.


I’m on Pinterest doing my occasional poke around and pin stuff and I happen on a site and a list of the top curtain and curtain rod DIYs and SHAZAM, the solution to my curtain rod dilemma for my bay windows is solved. In like 10 seconds flat.

Um, apparently, I stay stuck by choice.

Because there’s no excuse good enough when faced with a resource like Pinterest. It’s empowerment incarnate. I used it to plot my way into that chevron I painted on Eamon’s room’s wall. Of course, it became my own nightmare, but it turned out well and is a source of pride.

So now, I have no excuse. I need to just buckle down and create some drawing of what I want and shop for some supplies and set a side some babysitting time to do some sewing and there you have it. Right. And monkeys’ll fly out of my butt. Oh, I mean, I’m getting to that really soon. No really.


  1. How pretty, Shalagh. I wish I knew how to do this stuff. I admire you for being able to pretty things up. Prettify. Is that a word? I like the design a lot. Good luck with it!

    • Prettify is a word I’d make up too.
      When I worked in the gift shop, we used to say we had to Francois stuff. An action verb devoted to a make believe decorator. And yes, luck is all I have to blame it on now.

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