I am a secret style stalker. For years I watch shows, look at magazines, and fiddle with my own interiors, dreaming of my own spaces to play in.  Although a friend and I agreed, blogs are for saying, “Look what I did !” , I was gathering the confidence to show you. Because, when you see all these beautiful design blogs, it’s a little intimidating.

Last summer I found out I was having my miraculous Fiona but we didn’t know she was a she. And unable to redecorate the baby’s room, I decided it must be a revamp of the little boys room from baby’s to big boy’s room. So having postponed long enough, the time has come to show you the results.


Eamon’s room redo was started last summer to turn his baby room into a big boys room. It was a long and painful process. Fraught with Chevron challenges, some of which I teased/summarized here in this preview post entitled Chevron Pregnancy.To recap. Pregnant ladies like to paint, especially wacky things like chevrons.

I got a notion for a design scheme from Pinterest. I researched how to do it. After I’d taped the room out the first time, I begged the help of a friend because my chevron’s scale was too small and at the wrong height on the wall.


We had a heck of a time marking out a level line since the room tilts. After that, I mistaped half of the room a little higher. Then I retaped. Then I had to do multiple layers of tape and paint to get crisp lines that didn’t bleed.


The color Eamon chose for the ceiling was Forgotten Secret from our Ace Hardware store in town. The wall color is Wishbone. And it was that super thick stuff which smells like hell but covers well.


After painting the stripe, I knew it needed an accent color stripe. So I enlisted another friend for some extra paint to mix my color and received her professional painting hand to paint that final freaking stripe.

Thank You Amanda Lewis for your support and professionalism. The paint dribbles on the floor were due to my sloppy laziness. You would never have let that happen.

And so here it is, the new and improved Eamon’s Big Boy room.


Mark built the desk/bench for Eamon last summer. It’s an exact replica of his work bench. And you could tap dance up there and it would hold you. I made the tree from a piece of masonite and was designed to go into a window display and has another  piece that slips on to make it stand.


The sleigh bed we acquired from our neighbors and used to belong to a maiden auntie. It’s a 3/4’s and will hopefully contain his length for a while.


The comforter cover came from Goodwill, otherwise known as Mommy’s playground, and has pictures of cassette tapes and reel to reel players. The blanket was a recent gift of a big boy blanket from a far away aunt.


Chalkboard paint on the door is awesome.


And this mirror has sat in my closet for a really long time. My awesome neighbor is a carpenter and my ever-growing bellied self wheedled him and my husband into building the frame. After which I mixed my own stain with paint and glaze so that you could still see the frame’s grain.


I’m extraordinarily pleased with how the room turned out. The wrapping of the color up onto the ceiling ended hiding the crookedness of the house so incredibly well. I would highly recommend this technique to hide your crooked house lines. No chevron necessary. But I do like the chevron as it reminds me of Charlie Brown’s sweater. It’s dear and kinda quirky.

And now you’ve seen the room. And it won’t become a forgotten secret like it’s paint’s namesake.

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  1. Oh, Shalagh – it turned out great! I too feel intimidated by other blogs (for me it’s gotten even worse ever since I began studying graphic design – oh the pressure!), but your room remodel could easily be part of a magazine – I LOVE the chevron AND the tree!! Such a cool idea!! Thank you so much for your birthday message today too – how sweet of you 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome. And I think you’re swell too. Happy Birthday. My son’s was today!You will succeed in anything you put your mind to because you’re a Taurus.Then again, apparently so will I.

    1. Ah the highest of compliments Amanda. I used to live for that channel. Used to. One day you will come to my house to see, Si?

  2. We’re turquoise twins! Toddler Flails-a-lot has a turquoise nursery. I love, love what you did with the room. It’s so boy, without being overdone macho. A freakin’ tree AND a chevron? Awesome.

    1. I know, what is it about this recent (year or two) thing for turquoise. It’s not just us. The inspiration was from a nursery design too. And it’s all about the large scale. Stepping back to see the bigger picture. Prophetic design. And now you know another layer of me.I just get so intimidated when I see all these beautiful blogs dedicated to the beautiful designs. I am dual if not multi-minded. Writing and decorating and parenting. But look out, I believe I might actually be a “Modern Housewife”.
      Thanks for oggling Ish.

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