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  • Proving I Can Do It

    Proving I Can Do It

    I took Sas Pethrick’s Self Doubt Archetype quiz to see what type of gal she defined me as it relates to my procrastination and fear. And what I found out is that I’m an Innocent. In my childhood, I wasn’t empowered to believe I could do it. And so I don’t believe I can do […]

  • A DIY Life Plan

    A DIY Life Plan

    My life has been one big DIY project.  The term Do It Yourself recognizes ones ability to make choices and changes according to what you need to accomplish in the time and ways that fit your needs.  Doing it myself doesn’t mean I have to do so alone, it just means that I am running […]

  • Tissue Tassels

    Tissue Tassels

    I can say that one of the biggest perks to having a party is the decorating. My long-standing affinity for paper decoration is due to its versatility and low-cost. There was that one time my friend and I decorated the most store windows in Denton’s downtown. White paper, shelf paper, cardboard, and tissue paper were […]

  • My Bad Appliance Attitude

    My Bad Appliance Attitude

    Seems I’ve become a grumpy old lady and my onset of geriatric bad attitude was ignited and continues to be fueled by our carousel of appliance heartache. It would be farcical if it didn’t affect my housewife happiness so hard. The last tragedy was the washer lost in October. The drum just broke off the […]

  • Pinterest Aha

    Pinterest Aha

    I am so certain I’m incapable of doing stuff because…well, I am. I don’t have the time or the money for the materials. Or I don’t know how I would even start. Etc. I’m on Pinterest doing my occasional poke around and pin stuff and I happen on a site and a list of the […]

  • Paint Has Been Picked

    Paint Has Been Picked

    Yes. I know. She’s five months now and we’re just getting around to choosing the paint color? My excuses are good and numerous.  Unaware of the gender of the baby we were having, I opted to use my nesting energy to redo Eamon’s room one last time before he goes to college ten years from […]

  • The Stupidheaded Stove Story

    The only time Mark and I have ever “fought” was when Baby Eamon burned his hand on our 1950’s Odin Beautyrange. It was a super cool stove with folding enameled covers over the burners and so not insulated. And the baby, not quite walking yet, put his hand on it to stabilize himself. And he […]