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I’d dreamed up the perfect design plan for a Summer Solstice event. Inspired by a sun mandala, I would create a painted floor cloth with a giant sun to symbolize and celebrate the Summer. I was excited about my design idea even though I vehemently claim that I am no painter.  I figured, as usual, I’d design my way around that. And now here I am, in the eleventh hour, knowing that I am going to have to paint and dreading this once distant project that is now due to be done.

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My fear got a hold of a bull horn in my head. I am feeling itchy to just have this project done. And I have sketched and thought and now spent money to get ready… to paint. I am well aware that ‘that which you deny, you’ll also have to embrace’, or something to that effect. This was the same situation as my computer and social media phobia. And now painting.

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And so once again I say I’ll do my best and it probably won’t actually suck. And the fact that I have a dwindling amount of hands-free time between now and the event is really just me begging to get my stuff together and schedule some , if I need it, back-up. Late nights are dreadful but might be necessary. And I want to always remember that in the end, I am extremely pleased with whatever my results are because creativity isn’t about perfection or being the best. Creativity is about creating for the sake of it and then following through with the challenge. No matter what. And what better chance to get back to my humble creative roots than with a medium I am intimidated by.

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