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  • Viva Havana Auction and Fundraiser

    Viva Havana Auction and Fundraiser

    The Viva Havana auction and fundraiser which had held my thoughts hostage for so many months prior, ended up being a success. I had planned out everything ahead and took the time I needed to follow through with all my projects. It all fell into place despite sick children and foul weather. So I thought […]

  • The Trivia Fundraiser Design

    The Trivia Fundraiser Design

    Our Fellowship fundraiser this year happened in the middle of February (since when does February get so busy?).  But the Trivia night activity had me stumped and grumped for a visual theme for a trivia fundraiser. I like to make one big visual statement with each event. The anchor applique for the Anchors Away fundraiser […]

  • We’re All An Event Planner for Christmas

    We’re All An Event Planner for Christmas

    Since the season is about to be fully in gear for 2016 and I may need to keep my eyes on that road, I’m reposting some of my favorite past Christmas posts to keep you entertained if you are in need. Enjoy this wrap up from 2015! If you were told you’d been volunteered as […]

  • Anchors Away Service Auction

    Anchors Away Service Auction

    This past weekend, my husband and I had the pleasure of creating the “special” for the special event service auction fundraiser at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton to which we belong. This may have been the fifth special event I’ve decorated here plus various potlucks through the years.     A service auction is […]

  • Painted Floor Cloth Begins

    Painted Floor Cloth Begins

    I’d dreamed up the perfect design plan for a Summer Solstice event. Inspired by a sun mandala, I would create a painted floor cloth with a giant sun to symbolize and celebrate the Summer. I was excited about my design idea even though I vehemently claim that I am no painter.  I figured, as usual, […]

  • Our Day At the Alpaca Farm

    Our Day At the Alpaca Farm

    Last weekend, we took the opportunity to leave the house with the children (if we have to) and went to an event at the Outstanding Dreams Alpaca farm here in Caroline county. I’ve taken Eamon there before and he really enjoyed these odd and peaceful creatures. This time, we had Fiona with us, lover of […]

  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    My sister came to town to be present during the birth of the baby. And she brought with her an Amaryllis ready to bloom. She said she couldn’t bear to miss the flower’s grand finale as well. As it had not bloomed in two years, she didn’t remember the color. On the day the baby […]