If you are new to Shalavee, welcome to this blog and my middle child that is Shalavee.com. This began 12 years ago when I wanted to become a better writer. I’d say it served its purpose well.

Blogs are dinosaurs at this point, but I still am hoping for their resurgence.

There has been shifting going on in me alongside the holiday celebrations. I feel like I’m catching up with “all the stuff” so I can roll into the New Year with a feeling and the direction I’m headed in slightly chosen. New Year, new me in positive ways.

This year’s word was a random pick from a conversation my son and I were having. Don’t even remember how it was said but LEAPY is my word. (Read about that on my Instagram post here). It sounds silly and exciting, and I like the energy it’s giving. It feels a little daring too.

The biggest two changes I’m making are, first, managing my finances and creating wealth for myself and my family. And secondly, beginning Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. The even bigger decision I made to accomplish these was to quit my healthcare for the year.

Onward into the New Year on Shalavee.com
Scarfing down 12 grapes at midnight for good luck

You may ask why would I do this crazy thing? Let me mention that I have been uninsured before which is not to say I didn’t go to health professionals for care, I just paid out of pocket for my services. Last year our last plan was, unbeknownst to us, a catastrophic plan. A “if you should end up terminal in the hospital taking a long time to die” kinda plan. And the 12.5K deductible could only be met if I spent 6.25K spent and my husband spent 6.25K. At the end of the year, he had spent almost 12K by himself, but I’d only spent 3K. This doesn’t include the monthly premium which totaled 8K for the year. And meanwhile, my children and husband are covered under other plans. Because I’m a mom.

I’ll use all of this savings to create a 3-month life expenses savings account. because I need to both save money and pay off debt. I spoke about my plans in this post a month ago. 

I look forward to feeling better inside my body and my mind this year with these two changes working. Working toward my self-care with the concern and compassion of a loving parent.

I hope you can make this happen for yourself as well. I am no longer willing to suffer the lack that I feel as a woman treating myself through the lense of a male. I want independent wealth and health.

And coming up, I think we might be due up for an Our Creative Selves Challenge soon! Stay tuned.

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