The great machine that was Thanksgiving has come and gone, we devoured it and it devoured us. My son returned to college for another 2 1/2 weeks and I emerged from the other side Grateful and worn out. Not much in the mood to cook as I was in food production for most of last week. Exhausted but happy though. All the things that I wanted, I got. Watching my family be together and enjoy one another,


As prep for Christmas begins, I am in a really good place once again. I have made efforts not only to prepare for the craziness of the onslaught of Christmas like creating the Christmas cards and doing the majority of my shopping before Thanksgiving, but I have also been taking care of myself in big ways, both mentally and physically.Ho-Ho, Into the Holidays We Go '23 on


I am researching the cost and care for my hormonal imbalances. There are many of us are here in this place, but I can no longer stand back and wait for someone to tell me the answer. I need to actively seek it for myself. And I have an appointment to test and discuss options.

I’ve also made a return appointment with my therapist which I’m so relieved and excited about. She took a full-time job a year and a half ago and I assumed she couldn’t take me back. But when I asked, she said yes. We’ll be getting back together, albeit virtually.Ho-Ho, Into the Holidays We Go '23 on

And lastly, I have enrolled in a financial education course that I feel is going to take me to a whole new level when it comes to not only being in charge of my finances, but also can lead me to understanding investments. I have felt like a victim to my debt all of my life and overwhelmed by how to handle them but I have decided I need to turn that story on its head. I need the peace of mind and confidence that only I can give myself around this area.

I have a wealth of spirit, of hope, and of love. I want to be able to feel this feeling everywhere in my life including in my finances.Ho-Ho, Into the Holidays We Go '23 on

Christmas creativity is in full swing. There are ornaments to be made and presents to wrap and a tree to decorate. So onward we go into a brave and unknown holiday and future. Together.

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  1. I see lots of self-care in this post! It’s just lovely to witness your accomplishment in the self-care area. And taking care of your finances is part of this process too. Hugs to you!

    1. Elizabeth, so glad you are witnessing this because I know you know how far I have come. Thank you for your support and I’ll keep you up to date with my progress!

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