As we plow into another weekend, I take a moment to say,

here I am. I’m being here now.

Red balloon on the ceiling from On Being Here Now from

I’m busy but I’m being here now, for myself and for my family.

He asked me why I look so busy all the time.

Eamon and the red balloon from On Being Here Now from

I said because I had four people to take care of.

And then I was asked to list them.

Eamon and the red balloon from On Being Here Now from

Another week’s ended.

The children have grown in some small way and

the weekend will hold moments dear to us forever.

Eamon holds Fiona from from On Being Here Now from

I stayed here and did my best this week

for today is all I’ll ever have

and almost more than my heart can bear.


  1. I’m doing a much better job of being present when I’m with the man and the girl. And being present when I’m doing my creative work. But I can’t do both at once. I just can’t.

    There’s a time to be full on with the paid work and there’s a time when we’re doing a LOT with our families. I know it’s a cliche but time does fly and there will be those days soon enough when we can immerse ourselves in our creative work for hours on end.

    I’ve found that when I’m truly “with” them, I get so much more out of it too.

    • All of what you’ve said Sandra, is exactly it. I am filling these half full glasses equally. One drop for me and one for them. And am mindful that this too shall pass.

  2. …and thanks for the lovely sentiments and gentle reminder to turn off the computer and join my kids watching the movie. ox –Heather

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