Fiona turned one today. She is truly One-derful. She’s been busy making sure she could walk and talk like a legitimate toddler. As she moves across the room, she puts her hands in the air and her hips slowly pivot like she’s wading through a lagoon. And she’s such a talky girl. She’s already got Mama, Dada, and Gat and talking with such inflection it’s fascinating. She’s moving on and we will celebrate her first birthday this weekend with a little gnosh and cake.

DSC00171 (800x600)

As you may know, her appearance in our lives was miraculous. At the age of 45, desperate to not have Eamon be the only child I had with Mr. Right, I conceived her. I was ready to let the Universe decide my fate and it did.

DSC00576 (800x582)

She’s a miracle to me and I could gush but instead, let me tell you about Fiona’s impact on the other people in our life. In one year, Mark’s Mom and Dad, in their late 70’s, were blessed with two miraculous granddaughters. All the grandparents are delighted beyond words. There’s a special bond for grandparents and the children glow in their eyes.

DSC00698 (450x800)

My son loves her so much and she him. Like the moon and the stars. They are so smitten with each other. Crazy cute. Her Daddy is done for and I am looking forward to seeing this little girl get the love and attention from him that she is entitled to. To watch the love expound exponentially within a family is an amazing gift.

20131102_170102 (450x800)

And her gift to me? She has shown me that I can be my best me, love me and all I do, and that will be the role model I am for her. To ask to be treated with respect from my life. To make the creative most of my days, and to continue to laugh and cook and play and be fearless so that she may know her life is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Fiona from The Thinking Chair on

Happy Birthday Fiona.

Your silliness feeds my soul.

Your beauty is breathtaking.

Your love bottomless.

We love you Mrs. Boodge.

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    1. You should have seen her flirting with Sue Simmons last night Aine. I had never seen her like that. Tell me when you’re coming in town and we’ll do lunch or something. Miss you.

    1. Thank you Claudia. She’s very lucky indeed to have such wonderful Aunties to love and care for her. Pictures of cake face to come.

  1. Happy Birthday Fiona darling girl, you look good enough to eat and your Mummy is a truly amazing lady. Hugs and kisses from France xxxx

    1. Oh so Nice Tante Jennie. Thank you for this and your well wishes. She is a lovely spirit. I will hug her extra long for you.

    1. It’s hard to believe she’s one or that she’s even here sometimes. Alex is the big boy now. Wow!
      Thank you Michelle. We’ll have to join you for lunch again.

  2. Happy birthday beautiful girl, and thank you Shalagh for bringing her into our lives! Congratulations on surviving the first year, you are a rock star!!!

    1. Hey Amanda,
      Thanks! You know it. Wait until you see her big girl self. We’re doing great and hope to see you soon and hear what you’ve been up to.

    1. And of course, I think she’s the cutest baby ever but that is a biological thing. She’s very happy you wished her a happy birthday.

    1. Thanks so much Miss Lisa. She’s a real walking talking baby doll. Slightly a budget buster. Had to use our wine money for diapers and turn the heat up a little but she’s worth. I did splurge on ink at Staples yesterday. She picked out some nice mechanical pencils. Another writer perhaps?
      Love Ya’,

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