In 2004, this was the house that I rented to build the business that I named Bally Eden.

The Bally Eden house 001

Before I moved in, it was an insurance agency.

The walls were wood-paneled and the floors had carpet glued to them.

I completely renovated the space and it went from scary to very very lovely.

B E Entry hall two 001

This was in my entry hall. All this woodwork was that dark stain and had never been painted before.

After the renovation, I said that Hell must be made of painting miles and miles of woodwork.

Lace dishes wall B E 001

Having worked for the fabulously too talented Pama at Moonvine,

I love florals otherwise known as silks. These are not low rent flowers.

wall diplay with feather wreaths B E 001

And Feather Wreaths, ahh.

Girlie stuff B E 001

Are you catching my Victoriana theme? Or old lady parlor? Grandma chic?

I may have had a candy dish at the front counter. And Irish music playing.

floral pitcher on the counter B E 001

 That’s the front counter through the dutch door.

Front room B E 001

The wicker table was the first big piece I remember selling. I know who to as well.

The boot on sideboard picture B E 001

The boot became an image for my shop. I loved that mirror.

Bally Eden bath products 001

Before I had my line of Bally Eden bath products, I carried this toile line.

I can almost smell the floral/citrus scent.

Linen room B E 001

I installed a giant padded pinnable board in the linens room to display the doilies and hankies.

This room also housed the vintage clothing.

mantle piece pretty B E 001

I decorated the dresser. The jewelry boxes are from Two’s Company.

Dresser with gossimer bags B E 001

And the dresser contained bath soap pedals, potpourri, hankies, and bath confetti.

Kitchen B E three 001

Welcome to the retro kitchen.

Kitchen built in 001

The lemonade urn was from Two’s Company but everything else is vintage.

Either collected from yard sales or flea markets or the auction.

Kitchen too B E 001

We took the plaster off the brick chimney to expose it just like at our house.

Kitchen B E 001

I sold aprons for $6 each. I enjoyed people’s nostalgic stories of their family’s womenfolk and their aprons.

The steam ship suitcase B E 001

This was the men’s rustic corner. I still have a few of those cigar boxes.

Anything else that was leftover was sold at one of two yard sales or shipped off to auction.

The box corner B E 001

These darling felt Americana ornaments and key chains were my first order at the Atlanta Gift Show for my new shop.

Me at B E counter 001

This is me behind my counter framing a picture.

I still have that picture I’m reframing above my vanity. You can see it in a recent Instagram selfie.

BE Entry hall 001

And we return back to the entry hall. Those encyclopedias on the floor I’m using

for my paper wreaths for the butterflies.

And that hall starburst coat rack was a project my husband took on after buying it at an auction.

Bally Eden was truly a co-venture for Mark and I. He worked hard there for me.

Chatting up little old ladies on Saturdays.

And working on whatever project I got in my head.

I miss it dearly but I am so happy to have these pictures after all.

Next up is the Television commercial made by some people in the television business my husband knew.

And after that, the Open House invitations I designed.

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    1. Andrea,
      Thanks for the nice spin on the otherwise most tragic occurrence of my life. But you are right, it was the cool thing I did on the way to the rest of my life. And I know you know what all that was about.
      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm.

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