If it wasn’t enough for me to cater and decorate and throw a party for my Wee Fi a couple of weeks ago, this weekend is a yard sale.

Yard Sale madness

And not just any yard sale but the only one I’ve had since I shutdown the shop on that frigid and tragic day in 2007.

More yard sale madness

Long story short, the recession that wasn’t a recession forced me to shut down my beautiful shop which I never mention because it’s like talking about a child that I lost prematurely. The last yard sale I organized was after that and it would seem there was still stuff up in the attic from those dreams. Also stuff that people have brought to me. And stuff that I didn’t feel like carrying down. I wrote a piece published on Divine Caroline called Reformation of a Clutterbug after the last one.  I will edit and republish.

Christmas was even in limbo in the attic because it was all the pregnant lady could do to just schlep it up and drop it. Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, at 7am, I will be peddling my leftovers in an attempt to not only make money but gain my clarity. I believe that extraneous stuff represents the mental state you’re in. And the chaos that the stuff creates in your brain inhibits you from being clear. That if everything is special than nothing is. And looking backwards keeps you from moving forward. So if the word “Could” comes up anywhere when talking about your stuff, it is way past time to usher it out your door for someone else to “could” it. Stay tuned for the results.

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  1. So sad to hear about your shop 🙁 What kind of merchandise? Good luck on your garage sale. I’ve been choosing to donate most of the things I’ve let go of but now I’ve got a stack to go to consignments for a little money.

    1. Thanks for your sympathy Tania. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Like my first born dying. I had hopes for my identity tied up there. I sold gifts and antiques and it was displayed beautifully. But three of my nicest customers came to the sale today and they all let me remember and feel appreciated again. Yay. One day I’ll post my pictures from the shop days which I am bound to uncover as I peel away this layer. You know all about this process, don’t you. Made two hundred dollars today and my closets and attic are happier. And am thinking to take some stuff to consignment as well. I too usually give everything away. But we’ve got another mouth to feed. So glad to know you’re out there Tania.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. It brought me a sore back, 2oo dollars, and a bunch of stuff that still needs to be hauled elsewhere. But my spaces are clearer. My closet lost weight as did my attic. And I think I may squeeze out a bit more and reorganize a bit more. It was a whole lot of work and yet entirely worth the feeling I got some thing off my chest/brain/soul, ya’ know?

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