I was inspired by a post from Emily Henderson a little while back. She was in her “pre-baby-nesting-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-so-I’ll-be-uber-productive-and-write-lots-of-long-posts-before-the-baby-comes” mode. And she totally inspired me to think about my blog goals. And to be completely honest and vulnerable and hand some accountability to the readership. My inner control freak cringes here.

I may be totally ripping off her content (I like to think of it as being inspired) but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

Cyclamen and chair from Blog goals post on Shalavee.com

I too want/need to grow the blog’s readership. (I’d give you numbers and dates but then I run the risk of failing that.)

So to that end,

 I want every post on Shalavee to be valuable:

– personal

– pretty

– informational

– inspirational

– and as well written as is possible

Posts are posted Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The amount of weekly posts can be added to but not subtracted from.

 Content/subjects of posts include:


– parenting   

-self-discovery and positivity

-creative project show and tells

-creative writing or sharing other people’s work

    Types of Posts may include

– recipes

– a picture or string of pictures with one thought

– Ahas- Life lessons about creativity, family, positivity, or parenting

– Funny posts

– Evergreens (posts that were good and I republish)

– And any other daggone thing I’m in the mood to produce

– Interviews

Cherry blossom branches from Shalavee.com

In an effort to find out what you think and like to read, I am committed to generating a questionnaire soon that asks the readership questions, I’m going to be playing with Typeform. Looks like it’ll actually be fun for everyone.

You will get a chance to tell me what you’d like to see more of, what you enjoy, and ask what your favorite posts have been and why. Feedback. But be kind to me dear readers. I’m a sensitive creative you know. I may also have to actually ask people to like me and sign-up for newsletters and stuff. Gulp.

I am inspired by many women including Sandra and Jennifer to work hard to make this blog a place I enjoy and make a difference in my quality of life. And thus maybe yours. Either you like what I’m working on or you don’t I suppose. That is not for me to decide but for my readers. I am committed to supporting others and creating a community for myself. I’m practicing “Intentional In-touchness”. That’s linked to the article.

Thanks for sticking this one out and I do appreciate all your support, feedback, and comments. I’m on the verge of figuring out what I really want to be when I grow up.


  1. Hello there.

    I just wanted to let you know that you, Shalagh, totally inspire me. I don’t know how you get so much done 🙂 Love to you, Sheryl

    • Oh Sheryl! So happy to hear from you. I was thinking of you the other day. I’m no more prolific than you. I’ve seen all the hard work you pour into those pieces. It’s all a matter of having childcare at this point. Then I could put that last coat of paint on her room and officially decorate my near 15 month old child. I’ve got one half day a week now and a big nap afterwards. It feels wonderful, lavish, and decadent to have that time. Hope you are well and I’ll message you soon.

  2. I don’t know how you do it too! When I had the girl, I was happy to watch Mad About You reruns in the middle of the night. And have a shower once in a while.

    • First baby vs. Second baby. 6 month old vs. 14 month old. Boy vs. Girl. And how to drive fearlessly through wrecks. I don’t think I’m getting Herculean amounts done. Loved Mad About You. And we cancelled our cable a year ago. No Mad Men. No Walking Dead. Just Netflix. And Sesame Street Old School 3 DVD set. Love your belief in my sparkly cape.

  3. All your ideas sound interesting. Just continue to write about what you are passionate about and your writing will shine!

    • Good advice Lisa and how can we not. Writers are compelled to write as they are to breath. My confusion always lies in the packaging of all my busy-brainess. But the me that everyone else sees isn’t probably add muddy as I feel half the time. Thank you as always for showing up to say hi.

  4. HIYA!

    • Wow. Thank you so much. I thought my kid was cute and we were the Bumblesons.That really makes my day for you to say Barbi.

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