As one week rolls into the next, we find ourselves standing somewhere new. No we didn’t plan it. And yes, we must accept that despite our every loving plan to correlate, coördinate, and coöperate to control our destinies, there’s always something right outside our peripheral vision sniggering at us for our naiveté.

In the middle of one of those sinus infections from hell, which I was cooking during the Yard Sale, I have found myself in the Land of Uh Oh, the computer blows. I have two Achilles heels. “The sickness that won’t end” is only rivaled by “the computer technology that I need but don’t understand”. Either of these circumstances can leave me in a blubbering self-pitying ball. I happen to have my stars in alignment and am experiencing both right now.

So, I’ve called the doctor which I’ve been waiting to do all weekend (only 48 more hours to go until I can call the doctor, I’d say). Antibiotics and breastfeeding aren’t an ideal combo but my eyeballs feel like they could pop out and fly across the room. And I queried the internet geeks all day until I finally found out that my site had been ever so slightly compromised. So new theme!

I am now in search of an ultimate solution. Probably a complete site overhaul which I’ve wanting (been obsessing about doing) for some time now. Meanwhile, I’m the same voice issuing from the tiny box. And how about those huge pictures, huh? Love how life keeps you guessing. And who doesn’t like an opportunity to prove what a modern woman really does with a hungry baby while waiting on hold twice for your customer service rep from Go Daddy?

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    1. Yeah, dude at hosting said he’d sell me a babysitting service for a mere 6.99 a month. I said, I’m with ya’ til ’15, do you have a swell guy discount? He said 4.19/mo.Then I said, I’m nursing my child right now so I’ll get back to you, send me an email. Et tu, Go Daddy?
      Supposedly a plug in problem but we’ll see. I must tell my kid that there are bad hackers everywhere. And I must remember to never be surprised when they show up.

  1. Hi, Shalagh. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I hope you feel better soon. It doesn’t help to have the techno problems alongside you not feeling well. Bummer! That said, change is good! I like what you’ve done with the place. You can do whatever you set your mind to. I have full confidence in you. – Love, Amy

    1. Thanks for your non judgmental support verging on the edge of sugary sweet Amy. Because I really do need the backup. And I’m really proud of myself right now. The wrong prescription was called in and I have to wait until tomorrow to call back and report the mistake. OK I cried but I’m carrying on. Because that’s what ya’ do. Baby needs a clean diaper, laundry’s still dirty, and husband needs a lunch.

  2. Ah Shalagh – I feel the pain of your internet gremlins, may be a good time to find yourself a helpful, pay by the hour techy person – I did and they “fixed” me in a couple of hours for the cost of a few quid….sooo worth it.

    Re sickness, bleurgh…, get the drugs and feel better, then you can put your panties back over your pants, affix your cap and fly off back into Super Mummyhood 🙂

    Much love 😉 x

    1. I’m in that land of “thank you sir, may I have another”. Wrong prescription, leave a message, wait another day, eyeballs aching. Soon it will all be a nightmare. But I am encouraged by you and the image of me with my panties on over my pants in my super mummyhood outfit. If superman could do it…Fiona is actually pretty super too these days. Goo to you.

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