Before I began to craft my blog in 2011, I’d like to tell you I was an avid follower of many other fabulous bloggers. But I wasn’t. I happened into this in a lurching sideways manner. Over these past couple years though, I’ve read and followed a fair number of them. The best of which have remained in my “blogs I follow list” which may or may not be in the sidebar to the right. I was particularly inspired by one very popular blogger who, every October, does an entire month’s worth of posts around a chosen subject. That is a post a day for 31 days.

Meanwhile out on the porch.

This concept intrigued me on several different levels. That you could write on any one subject 31 times and have all of them be different. That you could use the blog as a place to be accountable to your readership with promises of whatever sort you can conceive or create. And that you can challenge yourself and rise to your creative potential. Wow. Plus you have to use the schedule option to mail these suckers out because it would be way easier.


For most of these past two years, I’ve sent these posts out “by hand” thinking that was the truest form of blogging. A purist’s way born of truth and inspiration. Ah malarkey. Yes, I’m not as excited about the post when I actually publish it as when I wrote it. But you don’t know that. It’s my enthusiasm of the subject I’m writing  that matters. And the pretty pictures.


Which brings me back to 31 days of Pretty Pictures. I have always intended to put many more pretty pictures on Shalavee. And I’ve decided that to do this concept justice and have some fun, I’m willing to set myself to the challenge of doing so for the month of October. And my readership who enjoys that sort of thing will get such a dose that their heads might pop off. I’m listening to your needs here.


So to recap, as of October 1st, you can enjoy 31 days in a row of Pretty Picture Blogs. Meanwhile, you may have to just suffer September with some chat atcha posts. Love Ya’, Need Ya’, Can’t Live Without Ya’. No really, I mean it.

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  1. I can’t wait to see them all! You have always been a great photographer and an unbelievably imaginative designer. Even just sitting in a room you see, and appreciate, things other people don’t even notice. Including me. Your sense of the visual is visceral, unique, and gorgeous. And always changing , evolving, growing. So, yeah, I can’t wait!

    1. How is it possible that my comment section can cause me to cry? Oh, because you showed up and said all those lovely things. And thanks for the extra pressure but we know I started it. We’re all going to see how it fleshes out.

  2. You’re doing something and trying and working and creating…done! No pressure because you’ve already done the good…the rest is cake! Mmmm, let’s have some cake 🙂

    1. So you commend my intention.Say it’s enough. Not quite but nice try. And yes, cake is nice. I prefer yellow with chocolate icing. German chocolate occasionally. Otherwise, it’s all pie. Peach pie. Peach and blueberry better. Apple is good always. I can get with some baked goods girl.
      Thanks for being here but again, this picture thing is all your fault. You need to be here.

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