Tomorrow, my self-induced month-long blog challenge begins.

“Why have you decided to do this?”, my husband asked. Good question.

31 Flavors post1

My reasons include, but are not limited to:

I want to challenge myself. By saying I’d do this, I become accountable to everyone reading and must follow through.I am forced to round-up pictures of projects and art and design I’ve created and then I remember how cool all that stuff was.I wade around in the visual and not the verbal. I had complaints you know. Where are you, they asked.I have a chance to play with technology, become more confident in its usage, and see creative possibilities for later.

31 Flavors post2-002

Blogging is a creative endeavor. I’m stretching myself within the medium and seeing what happens.

31 Flavors post3

This is me using my last moment of telling to say there’ll be some good viewing going on you may not want to miss. 31 flavors of me.

Never before seen dusty photos of who I used to be and what I’ve been up to besides my housewifery.

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