Every week, I suppose, is a test of what I am made of. Life checks to see if I am paying attention. Testing, testing, is this person on? Do I have the will and the stamina to keep doing what I’ve been doing. Will my hope sustain me through the tough patches? And, as they say, this week was no different.


I was fully on course and full speed ahead with myself last week. I wrote and wrote and created and published ALL the things. And I was proud of myself. I spent the weekend relaxing and feeling proud.

But on Sunday, I got the same type of funk I had back in December, dysentery with a fever. And I began my week literally feeling crappy. On and off fever for four days. I never realized how much my physical state can affect my mental state. I felt funky and off kilter perhaps because I couldn’t move to get anything done with aches and chills. Dark thoughts of my lack and inability circled.

I discovered there was a hole in my garbage disposal spewing water and food everywhere underneath my sink. Fixed it with epoxy and a guitar pick. Insult to injury was added when I discovered that my blog wasn’t as it should be. That the Instagram feed and the sidebar had disappeared. That all the asking for people to sign up to my blog and to receive my newsletter were unable to do this because there was no sign-up box now. A Week of Tests for My Body and Soul on Shalavee.com

In these situations, my interpretation of what this means can swing depending on how I feel mentally and physically. The sickness plus the site snaffu had me wanting to give up again and decide the Universe had it in for me and I should cease and desist again. But then I received lovely news that there were two people who signed up for my Wisdom Lessons Letter subscription. That cheered up so much!


So today I’m still experiencing a bit of the gazoutza problems, but the fever has broken. And I spent the morning creating and sending two lovely cards and their messages to two excited recipients. Want to know what they signed up for? Go Here to sign up for my Wisdom Lesson Letters Subscription.


The parade of Good and Bad and Good and Bad will continue throughout my life. It’s up to me every dang time to make a decision as to what it all means. And decide if I want to Allow the outcome to be a victory, a defeat, or a lesson worth learning.


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