As my blog prepares to turn 10, I remember some of what I used to love to do here and that included lots of photos. I don’t feel like I take as many photos as I used to but I think I’m just not posting them as much.

So here’s a few from this past month to keep my time line fresh and remind myself where I am.

Hope you enjoyed this labor of love. We’re about to take a vacation soon to see my sister so there may be a lapse in posting soon but there will be more pictures to follow.


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  1. Lovely collection of photos, I especially like Fiona’s skirt with the poodle 🙂 Have a wonderful vacation and visit with your sister and family. xoxo

    • Yes that was the best of her dance recital costumes. Thank you Masha, we are looking forward to improving our visit opportunities since last Summer was covid restricted.

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