Olivia Sprinkel is an online connection/friend and introduced me to this concept of Creativism. After looking it up, I believe I already embrace and live this way. According to Orna Ross,the author and source of a series of books on this subject, ”Creativism is the adoption of creative principles and practices as a way of life, applying the creative process to everything.” It’s the adoption of the idea of recreation and connection applied to life. “Creativists say, there is a creative flow unfolding all the things and experiences in the world. I am a part of that. The best way to live is to align with that flow, to ride the wave.” And they say,” I’m in charge, I am responsible for what unfolds in my life”.

But it was in Olivia’s own Manifesto , The Creativist Manifesto : Consumer or Creativist ?, that I really began to understand the yin and yang, the masculine of the was we live now prioritizing consumerism and buying power, the masculine, over creativity and creating our worlds and life outcomes , the feminine.

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In order to be a creativist, you can’t be following someone else’s rule book or blaming your life’s outcome on anyone else. Ms. Ross says, ” (Creativists) We spend much time cultivating an internal open space so that our truest needs are what concerns us. It is to these true wants that we give our time and life energy and we let the rest go.” Live by your own truths? Absolutely. Which is not to say we live solely for ourselves either. Because that’s the economic/money based system’s downfall. Greed. instead, as a creativistic society, we live and aspire collectively and join with others in the pursuit of these truths as the collaborative creative project of life.

If there is anything wrong with this way of thinking, I don’t see it. It seems idealistic and utopian and aligned with all my values. I already began to think about this concept in my piece about Non-Negotiable Creative Soul Living Here. As a creativist, you commit to allowing for and helping to create beauty, trust, honesty, and abundance in your world. Miss Ross suggests this can lead us to an economy that recognizes an individual and a collective, male and female, the tangible and the intangible, that is beyond consumerism. Create these conditions in your own life and you can then create them in the world. Apply this to whatever it is that you want to create.

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I love and am equally terrified by the thought of our boundless potential for possibility and change. I know that within me are all the tools and the potential for higher thoughts than I practice having now. I will be checking out author Orna Ross’s Go Creative! It’s Your Native State, when it comes out. Her other title I love too, You’re Not Crazy, You’re Creative. And I highly recommend reading Olivia Sprinkel’s Creativist Manifesto Here.

I love discovering new concepts about creativity. Anyone else ever heard of Creativism?

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  1. Sara says:

    “I love and am equally terrified by the thought of our boundless potential for possibility and change.”
    Love this, so true!

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