My therapist chuckled a little and said, “You know you get to live an extraordinary life. Where you can live your creativity every day. You live in your house that you made pretty for you and you’re creating your world daily according to what you need. That is a precious way to live. Don’t forget that.” Because , yes, I had forgotten that. Or perhaps I’d never realized that. And these doses of perspective are one of the many gifts I greedily gobble up with my world interactions these days.


I am so busy doing doing doing all the things I think I should do and the things that need doing to keep me slightly ahead on the mothering treadmill, that I lose perspective on what my world truly looks like. I see that my children are happy and sweet and fed. I see that the sheets are clean and the beds are made. But I can’t say I notice and appreciate the creative world I’ve woven around me. Yet, in missing that, I’m missing out on giving myself credit daily. And sharing this with the world which might need permission to create as well.

Creative Living is My Journey.

My Goal is Creative Soul Salvation.

The Non-Negotiable Creative Soul on

I’ve been at war with myself for a while. Caught up in what I’m calling a “should storm”.  And what I stole from myself, permission to create just for joyful creating’s sake, I’m beginning to regain. What I’ve also noticed is that when art is a non-negotiable in my day, much like brushing my teeth or getting my exercise in several times a week, I become happier and more grounded. I don’t have to have that argument with myself over whether I feel like it or have time for it. When something is non-negotiable, it’s just getting done. Worked in and accomplished.

My soul is in need of the healing that the lack of arting has wounded. I do not care if my efforts culminate in works of brilliance or crap. I only care that my brain and soul have a few minutes to wander around and connect with what they need to, outside or inside, wherever they need to go. And with that having happened, I can get on with my day, grateful to myself for the permission I gave myself. What more can a creative life provide?

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