I am ruminating on a few lessons this week. Lessons about shame and forgiveness. Lessons on patience and persistence and presence. And lessons on paradox.

See, I am a learner. I am always keeping an eye and an ear open for the next lesson. And the only way I can see to have life be worth the hassle is to grab the lessons as they go by, even if they are prickly ones.

I learned recently that if something really really bothers you about what some one else said or did, it’s most likely reflective of something in you that you are not so proud of that you really see.

I learned that when we act like a jack-a$$, it’s usually because we are afraid of something. But I also found that if I say I’m sorry, own my behavior, and make amends, I feel like my soul is cleaner.

I learned that the reason I am so in hate with the gal in the mirror is because I am not allowed to be friends with a fat person. Even though there are plenty of people larger than me, this is the largest I’ve been since I was pregnant. Feels like a bodily conspiracy. This lesson has only begun.

I learned that if you show up out loud with integrity and authenticity, others will do the same. And you both will inspire more and more to do the same.

And I learned that community is always standing right beside you, you only need to reach out to it from wherever you are.

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  1. Good post. Let’s take care of ourselves today in one way or another. I’m beginning with a cup of coffee by the fireplace.

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