Basked in my creativity today. Got errands done with no stress. Returned and changed over my closet to Spring clothes. On a new wardrobe high, I created and sent a thank you note to the lovely cousins whom we stayed with in Carolina Beach, North Carolina over the Spring break.The Free Spirit in Me Got Out Today on

But it was in the half hour that I got out of the house and into the sunshine that I was truly born, of green and flowers scent bombing me with their sexy smells. Lilac so heady in my sinuses but no nose tickle sneeze. And then a photo safari around my town square and into my backyard, spying on the plants and children I have nurtured into happy living beings.The Free Spirit in Me Got Out Today on

The Free Spirit in Me Got Out Today on

Here I have brought to the post my pretty pictures from today, April 25th, 2022.

If only the smells could come through. I guess you’ll have to use your imagination.

The Free Spirit in Me Got Out Today on Shalavee.comThe Free Spirit in Me Got Out Today on

I created all day and I’m still feeling mentally energetic. Because the creativity is the same as self-care to me. I just let my intuition guide me and I do what I want when I get there. I still managed to make my family dinner after I did a quick grocery shop.

The Free Spirit in Me Got Out Today on

Without struggling, it just feels easier.

The trick is to let go of the struggle like it’s something that defines you and adopt easy with faith in yourself and your world to follow your optimistic lead. 


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