In an effort to regain the self-trust momentum I seem to have lost of recent, I thought I might take a moment to appreciate myself. Throw my humble self a slice of gratitude pie and see where it sticks. So here’s what I am grateful to myself for this past week.

Thank you for not judging my body and telling me I’m fat or imperfect.

Thank you for dressing me in comfortable clothing that also flatters me.

Thank you for taking me to the gym just enough to know I went this week.

Thank you for asking for support from your community when you were feeling wobbly. You let me see that many more people think the better of you than you think.

Thank you for making the appointment to see the doctor and ask for a little help despite the stigma of anxiety. Thank you for being my hero.

Thank you for making the soup and getting my eyebrows waxed and hair trimmed.

Thank you for letting me play and redecorate in my house with my stuff/toys to make it pretty for November.

Thank you for cleaning out the freezer and mopping the kitchen floor.

I will be exercising my gratitude muscle a little more this week of Thanksgiving. We all need a built-in excuse to be thankful every now and again.

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  1. My thanks to me today: Thank you for getting up early and relaxing in bed with a cup of coffee, and then getting on the treadmill for 40 whole minutes! Thank you for eating an apple with low fat feta for breakfast (delicious and healthy). Thank you for packing your lunch today (soup, egg, bacon). Thank you for showing up to teach your classes. Thank you for taking a day off tomorrow.

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