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  • Sacrificial Squirrel

    Sacrificial Squirrel

    Gruesome sights, they’re everywhere. Wild and dead animals, vehicular crime scenes aplenty. Eyeballs popping out or just cold blackened stares. Bloody swaths on the street. Must be Fall. Beware the frenzied Kamikaze squirrels, ironically with only the business of survival on their minds. Beware the hunted doe running from bucks and bullets. Overpopulation is their […]

  • Too Many Posts Can’t Be a Bad Thing, Right?

    Too Many Posts Can’t Be a Bad Thing, Right?

    Where once I was reactively writing these blog posts the night before they were to go up, I kicked in with some proactivity recently and am writing my posts ahead of time. And the drawback to that was that I published two posts on Monday October 21st ,2019. So enjoy You Can’t Be Your Own […]

  • I’m Not Allowed to Want Anything

    I’m Not Allowed to Want Anything

    Like many of you, I grew up knowing there wasn’t enough. Not enough time, not enough attention, and not enough money. Part of this may be due to the ghost of the Depression which seems to linger in American families still. But people just seem to be convinced that the Universe is against them and […]

  • Glam It Up

    Glam It Up

    A 20 something girl got onto the elliptical next to me and I caught a whiff men’s cologne? Smells have a way of taking you to a third dimension, to memories and feelings that would not usually occupy your day. And now they do. I realize that the memories of the showboating that were my […]

  • Oh Universe, What Would You Have Me Do?

    Oh Universe, What Would You Have Me Do?

    We mistrust ourselves so much, we have to hand much of our decision-making over to another power. We create elaborate ways to make decisions. Drop a divining line down and see which way it swings to decide (dowsing pendulum). Pick your arm up and drop it to see if you should eat it (applied kinesiology). […]

  • I Wish I Had Time To Care, But I Don’t , So I Won’t

    I Wish I Had Time To Care, But I Don’t , So I Won’t

    It seems enough that I just chose to shop at this particular establishment. I chose that over all other places offering the same merchandise to spend my money. Sometimes the proprietor or establishment acknowledges this fact and I like when they do that. Outside my voting power, I equally value my buying power. So why […]

  • Mugged by Grief

    Mugged by Grief

    I admitted that finding the remaining single earring from a pair made me feel grief all over again. And I resolved to let go of that which causes me grief.

  • Keep Aware of Your Dreams

    Last night I had a dream that I was being challenged by a short red-eyed robot girl who might have had red hair too. I topped that dream with a waitress dream. The one where I can’t put my waitressing uniform together or find a ticket book or a pen to take the orders. Thankfully, […]

  • The Mundane and Marvelous Life We Live

    The Mundane and Marvelous Life We Live

    “You don’t own anything, not even your memories. You only get to borrow your life as long as it will let you. “ Life is tenuous and marvelous and if you catch me at a random moment, I probably won’t be appreciating these poetic facts. I’ll be cleaning or chewing or driving. Yet it is […]

  • My Definition of Me Project

    My Definition of Me Project

    It all started when I asked, who do I think I am? I intended to facetiously ask myself this as in do I have the authority to speak on this subject? And then I realized that knowing who I am is in fact a good way to star the year. I am on my 11th […]