During the past month, I have noticed a rather disturbing trend. People perpetually apologize for themselves. I’ll just be walking, enough room for all of us to walk, and suddenly someone will pass me by and apologize for themselves. I can not figure out why they have apologized. And this has happened at least four times in a month.

Why are we compelled to apologize for our existence? Am I truly sorry I was born? While I’ve met people who are mad that they were born and there’s not a daggone thing you can do for them, however being sorry for taking up space in the same area as another person seems weird. Now if you ran over my foot or took my parking space or burped in my face, you can totally apologize to me.Stop Apologizing to Me People on Shalavee.com

I found myself saying out loud, “Oh please don’t apologize.” Or “there’s no need to apologize”. Whether they believed me or not is theirs not mine. But I can tell you, I won’t be uttering any random apologies this year. Only well founded apologies with good cause. Because I believe in good manners, but I will not apologize for my existence anymore. Sorry not sorry.

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