A 20 something girl got onto the elliptical next to me and I caught a whiff men’s cologne? Smells have a way of taking you to a third dimension, to memories and feelings that would not usually occupy your day. And now they do.

I realize that the memories of the showboating that were my 20’s, could be a bridge to making my 50’s a little more interesting. I just turned 53 and I’m finding my life a little blah. It’s midlife motherhood combined with the aches and pains of becoming old … and I’m bored with myself.

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But the change may be a matter of little things like jazz music while we eat, a creativity podcast while I walk, or applying make-up for a day out that may kind of boost my reality. Sound and smells and dressing up seem to boost the normal. And I’m feeling a needed boost right now.

My twenty year-old self knew how to put on a show. She dressed up and found her inner somebody else and she flaunted that. Alot. My 53 year-old me would like to remember what it was like to make up me on a moments notice. To done costumes and feel like she was someone else just for a little while. I think giving myself permission to live creatively is the key.

Let me know how you stir up your daily with creativity? Do you play different music? Do you put on make-up? Or listen to a podcast?

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