My Sister was visiting recently and we were talking about lost earrings. How we end up with that single lonesome earring and we say, “ I can make a necklace out of it”. Except we don’t and we won’t and that earring just ends up sitting in that jewelry box waiting to mug us with bad energy when we open it up.

One of the methods that now famous house clearer Marie Kondo uses to make decisions on whether to keep an object or toss it is to ask if it brings you joy. I can tell you that when I see those single earrings laying in hiding for me, I just feel grief.

.Mugged by grief on

So I decided that out of sight was out of mind and I plucked them out and tossed them. Alternately you could donate the bin of beads and single earrings to the local thrift store. Crafty people love that. The point is, getting rid of them saved me from repeating the negative emotions of the loss every time I saw the one remaining earring. Then there were the red vase shards I found while weeding the garden…

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