Were you to know me, you’d be shocked by my use of the phrase of “sweet technology”. I have had a long running substantiated horrible history with technology. Although it’s never the tech’s fault and always my spastic excitable brain’s fault, I still have long had a bad taste in my mouth for technological anything.

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But my forced use of technology to blog and pursue becoming a better writer combined with my mandatory use of social media to share this writing, have forced me to walk through many technological fires. I’ve called many a tech geek/helper, I’ve enlisted friends, I’ve Googled, and forumed my way through installations and situations I’d never have willing gone. Yet I’ve done it. And every time I did, I felt a little less frightened and a little more confident. Until now, I actually sometimes look forward to figuring out ways to play with the technologies available.

Yet the last point I need to stress is that you don’t, and shouldn’t, have to do it all yourself. What is it with all of us thinking we must cook from scratch, file our own taxes, and figure out all the technology ourselves? Watch Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade show for cooking short-cuts, use a local tax preparer for God’s sake, and call the techies in to install your stuff. I am so calm now when something goes wrong because I know it’s not on my head. I just make a call and for a nominal fee, I’ve got my computer backed up, virus free, and today, I returned to the real world by having Microsoft Word installed on my laptop.

Yes, for all these years, I’ve been using a free program called Apache Open Office. While it worked to type in, I found myself the outcast when it came to sharing my documents because everyone uses Microsoft. So, I am now no longer a Pinocchio girl but a real girl. I am a writer who has words to share with you in a format that your computer will not reject! Huge.

Say yes to easy. Ask for help so that you can get on to doing the things that you are good at and sharing your brilliance with the world.

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  1. Have a 5 year old Macbook Air running macOS Sierra. ; )
    Yeah, and I do all the stuff you said I don’t have to do.
    Beacuse, if I didn’t, what would I do for fun?

    xxoo, m & jb

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