Sweet Technology

Sweet Technology

Were you to know me, you’d be shocked by my use of the phrase of “sweet technology”. I have had a long running substantiated horrible history with technology. Although it’s never the tech’s fault and always my spastic excitable brain’s fault, I still have long had a bad taste in my mouth for technological anything….

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Buried Under Bookmarks

Like my mother before me, I’m a collector of resources. Although my magazine collection is donated now, I still have a hidden collection. Bookmarks on the computer. I’ve been collecting them for some time now. They’re harmless enough. Press save and they get stored. But when you open up that folder, they spill out. Their…

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Relax, Restore, and Reset

I have been dreaming of a state of total mental and especially physical relaxation. Where my muscles are molten and limp. I want to be so relaxed, I experience that shudder of absolute contentment. Because I am so far from that right now, it’s almost cruel to imagine the possibility. The surprise thumps and pokes…