I subscribe to a few various blogs from people whom I admire and who inspire me. And recently, a fellow blogger and friend Heather, who pens the blog called Thrive in Midlife at Heather Serody.com , wrote how “healing begins the moment we shine a light on (these) shadowy corners and how they instantly become less scary”. That when we allow those places of fear and perhaps shame to be seen by others, suddenly someone else has the courage to claim their fears and shame.

Spring Soul Selfie Challenge 2018 on Shalavee.com

How witnessing each other becomes permission to be human, that is the miracle of community. A gift that we give to ourselves by allowing us to be a part of a group. I am a living testament to how my online community healed parts of me that I needed to heal to raise up my self-esteem. Taking risks of vulnerability within these groups, I found out from total strangers that what I have to give is worthy of love.

I extend the same opportunity to anyone who would reach out to become a part of my world. My community and I are doing a one week Instagram challenge starting today, April 30th, called the #Soul_Selfie Challenge. Prompted by soulful words I chose, we’re posting a picture a day on Instagram and telling a little more about ourselves. I’ve hosted 4 previous Soul Selfie Challenges and they are always amazing to participate in.

Find me at ShalaghHogan on Instagram or Shalagh Hogan on Facebook, look for the announcement post, and jump in or watch what happens. Feel free to Direct Message me with any questions too.

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