I have been dreaming of a state of total mental and especially physical relaxation. Where my muscles are molten and limp. I want to be so relaxed, I experience that shudder of absolute contentment. Because I am so far from that right now, it’s almost cruel to imagine the possibility.

The surprise thumps and pokes in my belly are like someone perpetually coming up and tapping me on the shoulder. Except internally. I’m being tapped on my spleen and my lungs and whatever else that just was.

Add the constant testing of a 7 year old little boy whose pent up winter indoor energy could power Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I find I have to intentionally, and perpetually, lower my shoulders. My massage from two weeks ago wore off. I think I may need them daily now.

This morning, I got cocky and thought I’d figured my way around a computer snafu. And before I knew it, I’d downloaded a “fix” that didn’t work. And a new toolbar that hijacked my home page. My multiple attempts at deleting add-ons resulted in the loss of my original toolbars. I couldn’t stop touching it and my hole became deep.

I had suddenly fallen from technical genius to idiot in the matter of an hour. I turned the computer off as tears rolled down my cheeks and went to clean my dirty kitchen. I had wasted my morning. And the perpetual morning sickness spell was making things worse.

But as I loaded the dishwasher, I remembered that computers had ‘restore to an earlier date’ options. And so I went back into the dang computer and committed to a restore from yesterday. And that did the trick.

I briefly wished that, as humans, we could reset ourselves to an earlier mode too. You know, the younger stupider version of us we always wish for. But then I was proud I’d resolved the issue myself and not succumbed to my previous mode of despair and helplessness. Alls well that ends well.

And when you press the Alt button, stuff you need magically appears at the top of the screen. Cool.


    • When I’m in my internet homepage, I see a ghostly group of buttons appear at the top left. File, Edit,View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help. Can I have foot massage, Mai Tai, and a fried shrimp platter to go with it please?

  1. Shalagh, I’m happy the reset worked. Yay! Good thinking, miss. I hope you can find a way to recharge your internal battery. Try to rest as much as you can. Let yourself rest. Is team Shalagh anywhere in the building? I wish you well. Love, Amy

    • Thanks Amy. Yeah, this morning sickness thing is kicking my ass. So this morning I cranked out scrambledies and then told everyone I was sitting. Husband went and shaved, came down waited for the bus, and is now showering. Going to have to do more shuffling with two anyway. And, as Moms, I think we forget to say no, I can’t. FYI,You are on the e-mail list for the big day Amy. Thanks for your support. And recognition.

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