No doubt, my secret wish has been to be a writer. But I also knew that once I got paid, I’d belong to the graduating class. I got paid recently by the lovely Amanda at Easton Savvy for a piece (see it in all it’s published glory here). Ironically, it was also the piece that got me in the most trouble. Maybe one day, I’ll tell ya’ll about that.

So husband wanted to make sure I posted my pride. And I just had to edit to make sure the check writer wasn’t compromised. Here’s to hoping I get a lot more of these. You can find the other feature pieces I haven’t been paid for here.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to many more opportunities to share my successes with you my lovely readers.

Ps I used the money to get my toes done and buy fresh produce from a local farmer. Good for me and the local economy.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wonderful piece too. You put a real human face to such a divisive issue & I’m sure helped it make sense to everyone who read it. Best wishes!

  2. Michelle ; ) Reply

    I am still not over the novelty of seeing a first check!!!!!!!!! this is so exciting and cool!!!!!!!!!!

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