As September is coming to a close, some projects are coming to an end and some are about to begin. My online creativity challenges this month have given me the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and make deeper connections with people I otherwise could not have. The one week collage challenge and the prompted picture a day on Instagram (shared mostly on my personal Facebook page – be my friend) gave me a reason to create each day and share what I thought and did. Which in turn helps me realize that I have talent and value to share. Dare and Truth.

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If you are not a person who does much here in the online world, as I used to be, you may have no idea what the heck I’m babbling about. I didn’t at first either. Until I took the risk to say something once somewhere here. And then I took another risk and another. And when I stepped out a little more and showed a picture or piece of me and kind wonderful people said, “Wow!”, I reconsidered my opinion that everyone online were egomaniacal idiots out for their own self gain. The idiots are still here but I don’t associate with them ever. I have found, to my surprise, that most people are actually really human and kind.

I have gravitated to very like minded spiritual creative people like myself. And I have timidly then bravely stepped out of my shell again and again and what I found was a world where being me is an asset. A place where I like myself and want to be here and see what’s next. I am inspired and thrilled to give back to this place both on and offline and that I can tell you would never have been had I not begun to show myself. Hiding in isolation caves and silos doesn’t bring the world together or help people grow and be compassionate. Speaking to strangers does.

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So another creativity challenge is what’s next. The more time you devote to anything, the better you get at it. The trick is to divorce yourself of the results and immerse yourself in the process. Plus accountability to even one other person, much less a group, will light a fire under your butt. Amazingly motivational and a sure-fire way to get creative stuff accomplished.

I do hope you return to watch me create the heck out of stuff for the month of October. Because I will be showing up here, even in small bits, every day of October. And I am looking forward to creating pieces to sell on the Etsy shop I’ve yet to finish making. And pieces to use in my house. And pieces to send to dear friends. Crafting and arting with abandon and permission for the month October? Yes Please.

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  1. Hello Shalagh, beautiful blog you have, and lots of inspiration. September went by so fast, I had many plans, but I don’t know where they went. I hope I can be more creative in October. Looking foward to see your creations.

    1. Oh how wonderful that you stopped by Elizabeth. I so appreciate the visit. Time has a wicked way of slipping past you while you are concentrating on anything else. I hope to see what you get up to in October. Do make sure to tag me, OK?

    1. Oh thank you for visiting Ms. Bethany ! I kinda am too. Tomorrow, my full disclosure on how my first day brought up all those old why do I try feelings with the baby. You know that one well. Keeping the fire burning here.
      Love to you,

    1. Yayyy too and thank you so much Miss Yellie for being out there cheering me on. It means a lot. I read yesterday that as adults, creativity is all we have of value besides love of our families I suppose. I kinda agree.

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