When we last held our one way internet conversation via blog post, I was describing the butt whooping I had from a project I was undertaking. This homework assignment for my blogging e-course was to create a ‘Moodboard” that reflected, ideally, how I wanted my blog to look and feel. I have paid money for this class so I’d better be doing my very best, right? Except, I didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t in the mood.

As the catastrophe unfurled, I began to admit to myself that this was me doing the same hurry up jury rig job as I do with hanging curtains or other suddenly urgent redesigns. And this wasn’t my best work.  What I needed to do to come up with for my best work, I wasn’t choosing to do it.

I marched right into it, hated everything I touched, and felt discouraged. Husband dubbed it the “Doomboard”.  I let myself feel these feeling and I kept putting myself to it. I wanted to make paper butterflies, to print out Pinterest pictures but hadn’t. So I started. Then I took pictures of the board, looked at them, critiqued them, and returned to edit the board. Three days and five versions later, I have the best Shalavee blog mood board I could muster. Because it’s due on Tuesday and we’re outta here for the weekend. You can see the pictures of this Herculean effort below.  These prior four (less than stellar) efforts give you a look into the mind of a crazy perfectionistic collage artist.

This project represented a full commitment to my blog. I had been gathering up steam on the surface, but underneath I was unwilling to get to the nuts and bolts, the nitty-gritty of the blog. I was afraid. Writing down one’s goals for the year and planning doable steps to achieve these goals ensures the goal is met, but I kept putting off describing what I wanted this very personal place to look like. And my internal artist wasn’t very happy about being made to sit in a locked room with nothing fun to plan or do.

Now I have a beautiful visual for inspiration. Although I’m sure in a week I could pick it apart again, I won’t. Instead, I am feeling grateful. For having done the best job I could in the amount of time I had. And for participating in Holly’s Decor 8 Blog Your Way e-course because it’s kicking my butt in all the right ways. I feel gratitude for having somewhere to go and some wonderful people to see this weekend. And for a belly baby karate kicking me of late. Thanks.

Doomboard I
Doomboard II
Doomboard III
Doomboard IV


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  1. This totally cracked me up. I am mid-Doomboard. How do these other bloggers make it look so easy? Mine looks like my trash fell over…
    Love your blog and your layout. So glad I found you on BYW.

  2. Your post made me laugh. You did do a great moodboard though. Nice photography. My still sucks. I am still finishing off my last post from homework week 1. You’ve done really well.

    As far as my doomboard (love this) is going, it is a door with primer on it. That is it so far. A big white blank door. I do have a vision though but I will be late as per usual.

    Lovely site from a new email follower.

    My best to you, Sheryl

    1. Sheryl,
      I laugh right back at you. A big white blank door is a choice. It’s not a concrete sidewalk or a furry rug. I think it’s so hard to see around ourselves to see ourselves. Because we’re supposed to be busy supporting and cheering on other people. So I’ll be your stunt woman. Yay, Sheryl. You go and rock out some moodboard for the sake of world peace. How was that?

      1. Very well put lol. My big white door is still a big white door. Tomorrow I will paint the black board on it….will have to see what is next…have a great night. Sheryl

  3. Hahahahahaha, I understand. It’s almost like you can see the rage abating with each successive doomboard. The final moodboard is definitely the most balanced “happy” of the series. Thanks for making me laugh in recognition.

  4. I just read the preceding post about mountains and now this one….your honesty is so refreshing and hits the nail right on its little naily head! I was late getting to the course and I’ve been panicking that I won’t catch up, my input will be rubbish, the dog ate my homework…yada, yada, yada. But in the end, you have to look at why you’re doing it and what you want from it. Yes, its Bootcamp, but it’s a pretty, fluffy pink Bootcamp with great, friendly campers and no one is going to give us detention if we go at our own pace. Anyhow, now Im rambling 🙂

    I’ve signed up to get up in all your busyness so I look forward to updates soon – but not too soon, just when you’re ready – no pressure 😉

    Ginger (BYW) x

    1. Ginger,
      “It’s pretty, fluffy pink Bootcamp.”Although Holly was a little scary at first when she heard people whining and told them to suck it up. Then I heard her on her podcasts giggling at her own jokes. Thanks so much for getting it/me. I greatly appreciate your time and effort and support!

    1. I’m so pathetic as to be ecstatic that you liked it. As whacked out as I was about stepping up to my homework assignments, I am also sad to know that the class is done. Thanks for coming to visit Sarah.
      Love, Shalagh

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog! My mood board process totally turned into a “bad mood” board, for sure! How is it that others make it look sooo easy? Practice right? Enjoyed reading other posts on your blog. keep up the good work
    Jodi (fellow BYW’er)

    1. Jodi,
      Thanks for the return visit. I have been writing so much that my crafting/arting has taken a back seat. That is sooo weird for me. So I am hoping to reincorporate my visual into the blog and regenerate my visual girl. It’s about permission, ne c’est pas?

  6. Ha! I think your Doomboard came out just lovely! I hear you though…It took me a long time to get mine together, perfectionist that I am.

    Hope to keep in touch now that BYW is over…it went so fast!

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