If you’ve read anything on self-development and personal growth, you know that fear figures prominently in messing your life goals up. Fear takes on many shapes and feelings like anxiety and perfection and is mostly to blame for everything that messes with your life’s satisfaction. Fear knows everything you know and will ask you to not even acknowledge these truths but there it sits, king of your brain hill.

How to Knock Fear off Your Brain Hill on Shalavee.com

Usually the first suggested exercises to work through and conquer your fears will be to name them. A series of questions will ask you to delve deep and be honest about what you are most afraid of. If your fear protection barrier is really strong, you won’t be able to see the answer to these questions. Your fear is smarter than this. It’ll be too much trouble or you’ll just give the answer you think they are asking for. Your Fear is really tricky that way and sees everything that you see and dodges your understanding of it. 

My thought is that, yes, we need to acknowledge we have fear. Whether we have fear of success or fear of failure is of no true matter, what we really need to know is what we have in our artillery to fight it. Because, to get on to the things we want, there has to be a battle. The more we succumb to our fears and stay in paralysis, the more disgusted we feel with ourselves. In order to feel proud again, we must move forward out of the fear paralysis and into the “Aha, so that’s who I really am” realm. Get to know the us that fear is blocking us from seeing.

How to Knock Fear off Your Brain Hill on Shalavee.com

I think knowing you have what it takes when the time comes to fight through the fear is tantamount. You need to acknowledge your own intelligence and what you’ve accomplished earlier in times of adversity. You need to know that your are smart and resourceful and that you have a good network of support ready to aid and cheer you on. Your community and your resources are yours to be proud of. This is called self-efficacy.

And most of all, I think we need to believe that the Universe is For Us and not Against Us . People want you to succeed. Or perhaps the people who matter want you to succeed. You are only required to give yourself permission beyond the initial fear to find out how far your dream can progress. And then you’ll know what it’s like to say “I can”.

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